Imaging Systems Ltd. is a company providing document digitization and solutions provider. Company founded in 1996 has gained considerable experience in the field of digitization is still mainly concerned with the following services:

Papers to computer (Document Scanning)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Scanning large format documents - drawings and maps

Paper to PC Conversion: Paper documents (everything from corporate archives and folders) are scanned and then stored on a PC. Scanned files are provided with suitable indexes allow quick and easy to find. Once the documents are in digital format, they can be placed in a fast, searchable, and accurate database.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR, ICR, OMR): Typefaced documents with reasonably good print resolution can be scanned and then converted into standard text (MS Word, PDF/A, database). Once in text format, the document can be indexed, searched, and edited with any word processing or spreadsheet software. OCR technology has provided outstanding results in fields such as human resources (resume processing) and law (court transcripts, exhibits) to name a few.
Scanning large format documents: This service provides a digitization project documentation, all types of technical drawings (size A0 +) and mapping files.
We provide Imaging and Document Management solutions for those looking to optimize efficiency and accuracy while minimizing costs and labor. Whether it be a law firm, private corporation, government, or any other type of organization, Imaging Systems can be of help. In addition to being a service bureau, as authorized sales representatives of many of the industry's leading manufacturers, we can offer your organization both hardware and software at the most competitive pricing available.
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